Which river comes from the river Triveni Canal

Gandak is the name of a river flowing in Bihar and Nepal. This river is called Salivrami in Nepal and Narayani in the plain. It is found in the Ganges near Patna. The length of this river will be a


Fetch Data While in While Loop using PHP with a MySQL

PHP mysql fetch data with While in While Loop. php While Loop Inside a While Loop Select Data while loop php mysql fetch data select step wise fetch  data in mysql while loop

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Mysql php Calculate sum Add function row column result

Mysql php Calculate sum Add function row column result. sum row result in php sum function used in mysql. mysql  Sum of column in using mysql and php  Calculate Total Sum () funct

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Bhakra Nangal Dam is built on which river

This is a major river valley project of India. == Project started == Its foundation stone was laid on November 17, 1955, by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and the production was complete


Where is Central mining research institute

Central Mining and Fuel Research Institute is located in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. It is an integrated laboratory of the Council of Scie


When does the tide-reflux come in the sea

The elevation of the level of the water level of the oceans on the Earth is called tidal and downfall is called Bhatia. The phenomenon of jawar reflux does not apply to the ocean only, but it appli


Who was first awarded the Nobel Prize for which Indian literary f

Rabindranath Tagore (Indian author) Rabindranath Thakur (7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941) is also known as Gurudev. He is the only Nobel laureate of the world famous poet, liter


validation set in PHP MySQL code for server side with example

PHP Validation with Example for simple and short way complete reference PHP tutorial,  how to implement php validation for select dropdown, input value checkbox  select dropdown radi