Better to use data type TEXT BLOB VARCHAR in mysql differences


How to save Better data type to save teat data in mysql TEXT data in 

differences between BLOB and TEXT VARCHAR in MySQL data types

What column data type should used for storing large text content in mysql differences Between and advantages and disadvantages of text varchar fields BLOB in Mysql

BLOB : storing content in binary data. Easy to manage international languages in MySQL DB but in binary data, Not easily to visible data and edit content

Text : storing content in large string not in binary data and manage international languages in MySQL. More easily visible data and edit content

VARCHAR : storing content in string. used Collation type utf-8 unicode manage international languages

max content size in mysql Data tyle

Binary (BLOB ) content save in : Fixed size up to 8,000 bytes save

VarBinary(n) content save in: Variable size up to 8,000 bytes (n specifies the max size) save

VarBinary(max) content save in  : Variable size, limit of 2 GB.