How to receive Payment from google adsense from bank account in India


Receive Google AdSense Payments via Wire Transfer to Bank account (EFT- Electronic Funds Transfer) in India. How to Google AdSense transfer payment in bank account step wise step. What is cycle of Google adsense Transfer Payments in bank account.

How to start receive google AdSense Payments via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) in India

1 Login google AdSense account.

2 Go to settings Show left side option

3 Click Payments

4 Fill All Form enter your bank account details

A Enter Name

B Bank Name

C IFSC code

D Swift BIC code

E Account Number

Google adsense Transfer Payments cycle in bank account

How to Google AdSense transfer payment in bank

After save the all Bank details

According to Google  AdSense Payment policy 20th to 22nd of every month Transfer Payments in bank account and show the massage in your Google  AdSense that money is transfer in your bank account


Youtube transfer payment 11th of month in Google AdSense account and than Google AdSense transfer payment to bank account in 20th to 22nd of every month