Society Was Founded By Raja Ram Mohan Roy


Prithna society

Raja Rammohan Roy is said to be the pioneer of the Indian Renaissance and Father of Modern India. He is a special place in the field of Indian social and religious renaissance. He was the founder of Brahma Samaj, the founder of the Indian linguistic press, the author of the Janajagran and social reform movement, and the patriarch of the New Jagran era in Bengal. He spearheaded both the regions with an efficient combination of Indian independence struggle and journalism. Where his movements shone journalism, and His journalism did the work of showing the right direction to the movement.

Hundreds of examples of foresight and ideology of Raja Rammohan Roy are recorded in history. He had a deep affection for Hindi. They were opposed to conservatism and evils, but the values, tradition and national pride were close to their heart. They wanted independence but wanted that citizens of this country recognize their worth.