Average Related Quantitative Aptitude Study Notes

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Average or an arithmetic mean of given data is the sum of the given observations divided by number of observations and this type question always asking all Exams just like Classes IX-X and Classes XI-XII and LDC, SSC CGL, IBPS, MBA, CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI And Railway, Indian Army And Rajasthan,Delhi Police Related Study material All competitive Exams.


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Very Important Formulae Related to Average of Numbers

(A) Average of first N natural number =(n+1)/2

(B) Average of first N even number= (n+1)

(C) Average of first N odd number= n

(D) Average of consecutive number= (First number+Last number)/2

(E)  Average of (1 to N) odd numbers=  (Last odd number+1)/2

(F) Average of (1 to N) even numbers=  (Last even number+2)/2

(G)  Average of squares of first N natural numbers=[(n+1)(2n+1)]/6

(H)  Average of the cubes of first N natural number=[n(n+1)^2]/4

(I) Average of N multiples of any number=[Number*(n+1)]/2

Important Example

यदि एक कतार में खड़े 11 आदमियो का औसत भार 60 है। यदि प्रथम 6 का औसत भार 55 किग्रा हैं और अंतिम 6 का औसत भार 65 किग्रा हैं तो छठे आदमी का भार ज्ञात करो?

11 आदमियो का कुल भार = 11.60 = 660 किग्रा

प्रथम 6 का कुल भार = 55.6 = 330 किग्रा

अंतिम 6 का कुल भार =65.6 = 390 किग्रा

Answer =  छठे आदमी का भार = 330+390-660 = 60 किग्रा

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