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General Knowledge for All competitive exams| gk questions and answers And gk questions bank,Rajasthan Police Delhi Police Related Study material and gk for RAS, IAS, UPSC, RPSC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Teacher, REET CTET, LDC, SSC CGL, IBPS, MBA, CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI,Railway And General Knowledge Questions and answers set for any competitive exam.And Indian Geography The flowers are composed of various aromas which are Puzzels asked in most of the interview questions.



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General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Question (1)Which is the highest mountain sailing lake

सर्वाधिक ऊँचाई पर स्थित नौकायन झील कौनसी है?

Answer –Lake Titicaca

Question (2) Who was the first newsreader of Doordarshan

दूरदर्शन की प्रथम समाचार वाचिका कौन थी?

Answer – प्रतिमा पुरी

Question (3) What is the full form of Word abbreviation U.G.C.

शब्द संक्षेप U.G.C. का पूर्ण रूप क्य है?

Answer – University Grant Commission

Question (4)Which month is the highest rainfall on the Coromandel Coast of India

भारत के कोरोमण्डल तट पर सर्वाधिक वर्षा किस माह होती है?

Answer – October-November

Question (5)What is the quiet area of the cyclone

चक्रवात का शान्त क्षेत्र क्या कहलाता है?

Answer – चक्षु

Question (6) National bird day is celebrated

Answer – 12 November

Question (7)  What is the neighboring country of India with the lowest area

सबसे कम क्षेत्र वाला भारत का पड़ोसी देश कौनसा है?

Answer –Bhutan

Question (8) Which game is associated with Tiger Wood

टाइगर वुड का सम्बन्ध किस खेल से है?

Answer – गोल्फ

Question (9)  What is the name of the founder of Vikramshila Education Center

विक्रमशिला शिक्षा केन्द्र के संस्थापक का क्या नाम है?

Answer – धर्मपाल

Question (10) What is the most permanent element of the atmosphere

वायुमण्डल का सर्वाधिक स्थायी तत्व कौनसा है?

Answer – water Vapour जलवाष्प

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