jeevaanuon (जीवाणुओं)/Disease caused by bacteria in science

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jeevaanuon (जीवाणुओं)/Disease caused by bacteria in science 

We are uploading jeevaanuon (जीवाणुओं)/Disease caused by bacteria in science and Bacterial diseases, any of a variety of illnesses caused by bacteria. … In the early 21st century, tuberculosis, which is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis—several strains of which had developed resistance to one or more drugs widely used to treat the infection—was among the most deadly infectious diseases worldwide.And List of Human Diseases Caused By Bacteria and Viruses ,influenza, flu. measles (affects skin and lungs) … rubella, german measles. Microbes cause disease when they are able to reproduce in the body. They produce harmful substances called toxins, and damage tissues and organs. And This Topics Always Useful for RAS,IAS,1st.2nd,3rd grad teacher, and gramsevk,patwar,rajasthan police SI, and other all Competitive Examination.


जीवाणुओं से होने वाले प्रमुख रोग

Important Trick : पंडिट का टिकसि न्यू है

P = plague disease

DI = diphtheria disease

T = Typhoid disease

KA=Kalikhansi of disease

Ti = Tetanus disease

K = leprosy

Si = syphilis disease

New = pneumonia disease

H=Cholera is

प = प्लेग रोग
डि = डिप्थीरिया रोग
ट = टायफाइड रोग
का = कालीखांसी रोग
टि = टिटनस रोग
क = कुष्ठ रोग
सि = सिफिलिस रोग
न्यू = न्यूमोनिया रोग
है = हैजा रोग


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