Virus and Anti – virus

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Virus and Anti-Virus

Viruses are masters by a few software programs that are designed software. You can log in to any computer and its data can spoil and take control of your computer in no time Then the window is not damaged or corrupt. Anti – virus computer hidden inside the computer virus to Istal takes Dudta makes him clean.

Anti – virus a list of names of all viruses occur when we do it is installed, they match their names from the list of viruses and delete them when a match is required for it to work well Anti – virus Daily updates via the Internet it must be him

Most important Common Types of Viruses and Other Malicious Programs

1. Resident Computer Viruses

2. Multipartite Computer Viruses

3. Direct Action Computer Viruses

4. Overwrite Computer Viruses

5. Boot Computer Viruses

6. Macro Computer Viruses

7. Directory Computer Viruses

8. Polymorphic Computer Viruses

9. File infectors Computer Viruses

10. Encrypted Computer Viruses

11. Companion Computer Viruses

12. Network Computer Viruses

13. Nonresident Computer Viruses

14. Stealth Computer Viruses

15. Sparse Infectors Computer Viruses

16. Spacefiller (Cavity) Computer Viruses

17. FAT Computer Viruses

18. Worms Computer Viruses

19. Trojans or Trojan Horses Computer Viruses

20. Logic Bombs Computer Viruses

Virus protection

Any e-mail with in the lucrative and the e-mail ID in the computer should not open e-mail IDs that do not know not to be open. Counterfeit and pirated C.D and D .V. D.of   should not use computer. Another computer pirated C.D and D .V. D. Use computer should not. The pen drive is plugged into your computer to another computer by the antivirus scan so it should take.

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