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mysql php compare two tables columns to find matched records 

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duplicates data in tables columns and compare another tables get match data

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$showst=mysql_query("Select DISTINCT managebatchid from managebatchtimeadd"); 


$rowlinkstbtid = $rowlinkst['managebatchid'];


$showstbt = mysql_query("Select * from batchlistshowtime where id = '$rowlinkstbtid' ORDER BY id DESC"); 

$rowlinkstbt = mysql_fetch_array($showstbt) ;

$rowlinkstbtltmt = $rowlinkstbt['batchname']; 

echo $rowlinkstbtltmt;

echo "<br>";

} ?> 


another method is used LEFT JOIN 


Comparing two tables to find matching column 

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Comparing 2 Tables in MySQL php