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used this function display the date wise list week day 



 $date_from = "2010-02-03";   

$date_from = strtotime($date_from); // Function Convert date to a UNIX timestamp   


// Specify the end date any formate 

$date_to = "2010-04-10";  

$date_to = strtotime($date_to); // Function Convert date to a UNIX timestamp  


// Loop 86400 from the start date to end date and output all dates inbetween  

for ($i=$date_from; $i<=$date_to; $i+=86400) {  

  //  echo date("Y-m-d", $i).'<br />'; 

  $wkday = date('4',mktime('0','0','0', $year, $month, $day));

  echo $wkday;