How can used python code in PHP code and frameworks


How can used python code in php code, python used in php website. Which is better, PHP or Python

PHP : PHP used in dynamic websites that PHP does the job well.PHP used on build back end deveopment and integrate with HTML CSS JS Ajax other language

For example  e-commerce systems, Facebook is built with PHP language but now converted to a new tech called HHVM.


PHP CMS like Drupal or WordPress,Symfony, Codeigniter and Zend

Python : Python used in data analysis, easy database access.

Python frameworks are Django and Flask.Popular Python CMS is Django-cms used.


Python is better designed than PHP language.

In  python, the debugging tools are easily, available and simpler used. 


How can python code used in php code

python code file in 

hello = "hello"

world = "world"

print hello + " " + world

PHP code file in python.php


$python = `python`;

echo $python;


Python used in Web Development    


Frameworks used for Python such as Django and Pyramid.

Micro-frameworks used for Python such as Flask and Bottle. but flask more



Python used for scientific and numeric computing such as  mathematics, science, and engineering, data analysis


Python used for Software Development