How to split and comma separated text content list Into Rows in Excel


Step wise How to Convert comma separated text content Column Into Rows in Excel file

How to Convert Column data into Row data in MS Excel file. convert column data into row data in excel. convert multiple columns Data to multiple rows Data in MS excel .How to change row data to column data in Excel step wise. Short trick for Column data into Row dta in excel  file

Ms office and excel used in seo 

Convert a column into a comma separated list Excel

Open the MS spreadsheet 

Click the first cell like that A1.

Go to Home tab menu and click Data option

And Now Click Text to Column option 

Click the Delimited and click next

Click General and finish

And Now Text Data Convert into Column

Now Select the data row and copy

And now click the Spacific Column 

click right and select past specific

Top 7 Uses of Microsoft office and MS Excel  Sheet for Online Marketing  SEO

Maintain the Blog content Calendar

Maintain the keyword list

Maintain the Tracking ranking SEO Results list

Social Content List arrangement topic wise

Track and arrangement Monthly Leads Reports

Monthly Market ranking Metrics Reports list