Php Mysql missing first row using mysql_fetch_array


Php Mysql skipping first row using mysql_fetch_array  .Php and mysql, missing first row while fatch mysql database with php. MySQL  php while Loop not Show First Row fatch mysql databse  First record is missing using mysql fatch array in mysql php mysql databse  mysql_fetch_array(). Why?

If you are used mysql_fetch_array($results) and in next line fatch data with while loop so first remove  mysql_fetch_array($results) line without while loop becouse missing first row for deu to simple mysql_fetch_array($results) line .

Php Mysql missing first row using mysql_fetch_array 

For example 

$query1 = "SELECT * FROM tablename";

$results1 = mysql_query($query1 );

$row1= mysql_fetch_array($results1);  (There's your first row. Remove this line.)

While( $row2 = mysql_fetch_array( $row1) ) {  

echo $row2['mob'];