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Count and sum in mysql and php



$techwiteachtechdda = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM managebatchtimeadd where roomidlist = '".$selectroomid."' ");


   $managelist = $techwicddersbr['managebatchid'];

$techwicddda = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM manageadminbatchlist where batchcode = '".$managelist."' ");

$checknonn = mysql_num_rows($techwicddda);

echo $checknonn;

 $summgbta = $summgbta + $checknonn;

//echo $summgbta;


//$techwicddersbr = mysql_fetch_array($techwicddda);

     // $summgbta = $summgbta + $checknonn;

//echo $summgbta;

    //echo $techwicddersbra['adminid'];

//echo $techwicddersbra['batchcode'];



echo $summgbta;