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General Science bio Chemistry GK for all exam daily update Important Questions of Science Some such questions of Science will come in your mind. Read the answers to some such questions today It is a very complicated subject to study science, but it is related to many of our daily cases. Actually, the system of explaining science to us is very complex. Here, with the help of some questions, an attempt has been made to explain the basic things of science very easily.


What causes the most dust in our homes?

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Dust comes through the air and sunlight in our homes. But you will be surprised to know that our dead skin is also a great source of dust in our homes. By the way, the misconception is found that the biggest cause of dust is the skin, whereas it is not. The reason for the dust inside the house is animal hair, human hair, mats, bedding, human dead skin and food particles. Speaking of external dust, dust comes through air and sunlight. Apart from this, there is also dust sticking in our feet.

Is tomato fruit or vegetable?

From a botanical point of view, tomato is a fruit. In botany, those things are considered fruits which contain flowers and seeds. Vegetables are considered to be those which have root, stem and leaves. Since tomato has both flowers and seeds, it is considered a fruit.

What is the radioisotope used in the treatment of skin disease?
Radio phosphorus

Vitamin C deficiency can cause a disease called scurvy, which causes problems like fatigue in the body, weakness of muscles, joint and muscle pain, bleeding gums and rash in the legs.

Human red blood cells at very high altitudes?
Increases the number of

Human red blood cells at very high altitudes

Which such heavy metals are found in modern tanning industries, which are toxic?

Chromium is a chemical element. It was discovered by Vauquelin and Klaproth. Its main mineral chromite, FeCr2O4, is from which almost all the essential chromium is obtained. Other more rare minerals are crocoite (PbCrO4), melanchroite chrome-ochre, etc. It is also found in the following quantities in precious stones (which are colored due to this), meteorites and ashes of creatures.

Chromium is a chemical element that is a member of the transition metal group from a chemical point of view. It is a shiny, gray-brown, hard but easily broken metal. When it is polished it becomes very shiny and it does not blur easily. Its melting temperature is 1908 ° C, which is quite high. If it is mixed with steel, the steel does not get rusty and spots, due to which it is used to make ‘stainless steel’

What are modern powerful magnets made of?

From alloys of aluminum, cobalt and nickel]

When lemon juice is poured over the food soda, then there is strong boiling, because there is gas produced from it.

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used by the food industry, the oil industry, and the chemical industry. The compound has various commercial uses, but one of its biggest uses as a chemical is in the production of carbonated drinks; It adds shine to carbonated drinks such as soda water, beer and sparkling wine.

Which of the following gases has the highest thermal value?
natural gas

Natural gas is a mixture of several gases that mainly contain methane and up to 0–20% of other high hydrocarbon (such as ethane) gases. Natural gas is the major source of fuel. It is found along with other fossil fuels.

It is made from the rotten throat of dead creatures living inside the earth millions of years ago. It is found in gaseous state. Generally, it is a mixture of methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, in which methane is found to be 60 to 90%.

Where was INSAT-2E launched?

INSAT-2E, the last of the INSAT-2 series satellites manufactured by ISRO, is a multi-purpose satellite for telecommunications, television broadcasting and meteorological services.

2 km in very high resolution radiometer view band. 8 km in differential and thermally infrared and water vapor bands. Will operate in three spectral bands with differentiation. Water vapor band is introduced for the first time in INSAT system. In addition, the INSAT-2E will also have a charge coupled device camera for the first time.

Launch Mass:
2,550 kg
Ariane-42P H10-3
Type of satellite:
Manufacturer / Manufacturer:
Owner / Owner:
Application / Application:
Class Type / Orbit Type:










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