Rajasthan GK Culture And Political Science Related Question

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Culture of Rajasthan Related Important Question and Topic Wise Categorized Question Paper Solved and Which category of Rajasthani literature is related to story or narrative genre And Solved UPSC Political Science Questions and Answers Political Science Questions, Answers IAS political science And Rajasthan GK (General Knowledge) MCQ Objective Questions on History, Culture, Geography, Environment and Polity of Rajasthan for RPSC and other states exams


Culture of Rajasthan Related Important Question

Question (1) Who is considered the eminence of Marwar

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मारवाड का प्रताप किसे माना जाता हैं

Answer – Chandrasen चन्द्रसेन

Question (2) Rajasthan is considered the father of the peasant movement

राजस्थान में किसान आन्दोलन का जनक माना जाता है

Answer –Vijay Singh Pathik विजय सिंह पथिक

Question (3) where is the Ravana only temple in northern India

उत्तर भारत का एकमात्र रावण मंदिर कहाँ है

Answer – Jodhpur जोधपुर

Question (4) Rajasthan is the birthplace of Mirabai

राजस्थान की मीरा बाई की जन्मभूमि है

Answer – Merta City मेडता सिटी

Question (5) Who is credited with starting the Bhakti movement in Rajasthan

राजस्थान में भक्ति आन्दोलन प्रारम्भ करने का श्रेय किसे जाता है

Answer – घन्नाजी

Question (6) In sectors which are drum dances

ढोल नृत्य किस क्षैत्र में किया जाता है

Answer – Jalore

Question (7) Where is Governance Secretariat is located in Rajasthan

राजस्थान का शासन सचिवालय कहॉ स्थित है

Answer -Jaipur

Question (8)Where Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy is located

राजस्थान संगीत नाटक अकादमी कहाँ स्थित है

Answer – Jodhpur

Question (9) Mandi said Asia’s largest wool begin

एशिया की सबसे बडी ऊन की मण्डी कहा लगती हैं

Answer -Bikaner

Question (10) The district is known as the wet state

राज्य का आद्र्र जिला कहलाता है

Answer -Jhalawar

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