How to make and Create Bootable USB pen drive using command

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Crate a bootable pen drive and Install window 7 without CD. Make a bootable USB pen drive without any used the software .Now we are share few command and some easy steps for make a Bootable Pen drive with in 20 minutes.

Note : We are not copy and create and install  window xp use with  bootable pen drive

Now Start : Step-by-step Tutorial for Create Boot-able Pen-Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8  .

Insert Pen drive in USB port and Window 7 CD in CD or DVD write.

First Format the Pen drive Select FAT32 option not select NTF


Window Key +R

Open the command prompt

Type the diskpart and enter

C:\users \username> diskpart

Type list disk and enter

Type select disk 1 and enter

Type clean and enter

Type create partition primary and enter

Type select partition 1 and enter

Type active  and enter

Type format fs=ntfs quick and enter

Type exit and enter

Now these all steps are used for format the pen drive


Now copy the window 7 in Pen drive

Type f:  and enter then change in large character F

C:\Windows\System32> f:

Type cdboot and enter

Changed to F:\boot>

Type bootsect /nt60 d:



Now pen drive make bootable successfully and copy Window fill and past in pen drive 

Last Step is copy 

Type and enter    xcopy f: \ *. * d: \ / E / H / F



If you are  Install the Windows 7 in 

Compaq : Press F10

HP : Press F9

Dell : F12


Now make a pen drive is bootable and use to Install Window 

How to Install Windows 7 Using bootable Pen Drive 

Bootable pen drive insert in PC or other device and pen drive option

And start installation window 7 process  



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