Short Trick for Vishaanu (Virus) Occurring Diseases In Science

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Short Trick for Vishaanu  (Virus) Occurring Diseases In Science

We are uploading  Short Trick for Vishaanu (Virus) Occurring Diseases In Science and Acute viral infections are viral infections that occur suddenly and either resolve … of vitamin C to prevent or recover from the flu are not supported by science. … Although most cases resolve, in some patients the disease can be quite serious. Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus. Symptoms include the fever and … Fever occurs with the onset of viremia, and the level of virus in the blood correlates with the intensity of …. Cytokines may also contribute to chronic chikungunya virus disease, as persistent joint pain has been this topic is very useful for RAS,IAS,1st.2nd,3rd grad teacher, and gramsevk,patwar,rajasthan police SI, and other all Competitive Examination.

विषाणु (वायरस) से होने वाली प्रमुख बीमारियां

Important Trick : “रेखा हमें हिट करके पोएचे (पीछे) छोड़ गई”

Ray -=Rabies Disease

Kha = measles disease

H = A disease of herpes

ME =  Meningitis disease

HE – Hepatitis disease

Root – a disease of contagious conjunctivitis

By – (silent) disease

Po – polio disease

A – AIDS disease

Che – smallpox disease

Small – Pox

E – dengue fever disease

C – Glsod disease

E – Influenza disease

रे – रेबीज का रोग

खा – खसरा का रोग

ह – हर्पिस का रोग

में – मेनिनजाइटिस का रोग

हि – हिपैटाइटिस का रोग

ट – ट्रैकोमा का रोग

करके – (साइलेंट) का रोग

पो – पोलियो का रोग

ए – एड्स का रोग

चे – चेचक का रोग

छो – छोटी माता

ड – डेंगू ज्वर का रोग

ग – गलसोध का रोग

ई – इन्फ्लुएंजा का रोग

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