Answer Key For Political Science 1st Grade Teacher 20-7-2016

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RPSC 1st Grade History Answer Key 2016, School Lecturer : We are upload the 1st Grade History Answer Key 2016 . RPSC conduct the Political Science exam for date 20 – 7 – 2016 . number of students are setting in Political Science exam 2016

Q Adult suffrage is the …..

KN Menon **

Daily Visit GK on

Q 100th Constitutional ….

india – bangladesh relations

Q The most impotent function

Decision on bills

Q Dictatorship the head……

Jawaharlal nehru **

Q Dadabhai naoroji

Economic theorist of Indian nationalism

Q One word that clearly explains …


Q Who founded theory learning


Q Educational Psychology ……

All the Above

Q A child development …….

Both heredity and environment

Q Psychology contributes …..


Q Maladjustment ….

All the Above

Q Projection Technique ….

Indirect method

Q Learning process

Both physical and psychological environment of the school

Q In the experiment of pavlov…

Conditional response

Q Motivation influences

All the above

Q psychologist who has contributed


Q the principle of reinforcement


Q for proper emotional development

to organise co-curricular activities interestingly

Q psychologist who classified the


Q for the adjustment of …

Motivate them to participate in different competitions

Q Essential for maintaining teacher…

All the above

Q Which of the following behaviour ….


Q in adolescence the development….

All the above

Q which strategy is not proper…..

Giving excessive home – work

Q The laws of learning by…..

All the above

Q Golman is …

Emotional intelligence

Q which school of psychology …..


Q Guidance is

Both personalised and collective

Q which of the following teacher

Co-operative learning model

Q which of the following …

Insight learning

Q which is the longest key

Space bar

Q MS word

Page number can be done

Q The distinctive characteristics of …

all the above

Q Both arithmetical and logial operations are……


Q Knowledge of computer is ..

All the above




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