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1. Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalitha acted in only hindi movie. What is the name of that movie ?

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Ans- Izzat

2. Upcoming Hindi movie ‘ Dangal ‘ is based on whose life ?

Ans- Mahavir phogat

3. Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion :

Ans- Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion)   

4. Who called Subhash Chandra Bose a “Desh nayak” ?

Ans- Rabindranath Tagore

5. How many seats are there in the Punjab legislative Assembly ?

Ans- 117

6. Indian film actress Priyanka Chopra has worked in which of the following American T.V series ?
Ans- Quantico

7. Who was the first Chief Minister of Punjab ?

Ans- Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargava

8. Computer is named as which type of intelligence ?

Ans- Artifical

9. US President Elect Donald Trump belongs to which of the following party ?

Ans- Republican party

10. Which of the following village in punjab is known as ‘Nursery of hockey olympians ‘?

Ans- Sansarpur

11. The fastest century record in one day cricket is currently held by :

Ans- A B De Villiers

12. Ferrari is a/an _ sports car /

Ans- Italian

13. NASA is the space agency of

Ans- United States

14. According to Punjabi Calendar (Vikram Samwat), which is the first month  of the year ?

Ans- Chet

15. Which one of the following is/was an Indian Hockey Player :

Ans- Dhanraj Pillai


16. The oldest tennis tournament in the world is :

Ans- Wimbledon

17. The oldest news agency in the world is :

Ans- BBC

18. Ustad Bismillah khan was a famus :

Ans- Shehnai Player

19. Boko Haram is a Terrorist Organization in:

Ans- Nigeria

20. Chipko movement is:

Ans- an environmental movement

21. The most visited paid monument in the World is :

Ans- Eiffel Tower

22. How many District are there in Punjab ?

Ans- 22

23. Which is the largest city of Punjab ?

Ans- Ludhiana

24. Which has become 3rd most common language in parliament of Canada

Ans- Punjabi

25. What was the old name of Punjab ?

Ans- Sapta Sindhu

26. Guwahati High court is the judicature of:

Ans- Nagaland, Arunachal pardesh, Assam.

27. When was Punjabi declared as official language of Punjab ?

Ans- 1966

28. The insurance scheme of Punjab Government for poor people is named after which person ?

Ans- Bhagat Puran Singh

29. Which town of Punjab is known as ‘Guru ki kashi’ ?

Ans- Talwandi sabo

30. Which of the following Punjabi folk dances is not a dance form females ?

Ans- Jugni


31. Which of the following crops is shown in official seal of Punjab Govt. ?


32. International Board between India-Pakistan along Punjab is known as which line ?

Ans- Redcliffe Line

33. The most populous  City in the world ?

Ans- Tokyo

34. Computation & Logical operation are performed by ;

Ans- ALU

35. Who has been elected to be next Secretary General of United Nations ?

Ans- Ban Ki Moon

36. In which of the following part of Earth the weight of a body is maximum ?

Ans- Surface

37. Which planet is known as the Earth’s twins ?

Ans- Venus

38. The Constitution names our country as :

Ans- India i.e Bharat

39. Ad Valorem means –

Ans-According to value

40. Who among the following can participate in proceedings of both the Houses of Indian parliament ?

Ans- Attorney General

41. Which is the largest dam of punjab ?

Ans- Ranjit Sagar Dam

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