Rajasthan Jail Prahari Re-Exam Related GK Question 31-08-2017

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Rajasthan GK, RPSC exam GK And jobs, RAS Exam Study Material, Current GK And Read more: Important facts for the Competitive exam in Rajasthan. And Date Wise 31-08-2017 Rajasthan Gk Question. Exams and  All subject Wise Notes and Math, Hindi, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit Related Study material and Rajasthan General Knowledge (GK) Question for Govt Exam preparation like RAS, IAS, UPSC, RPSC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Teacher, REET CTET, LDC, SSC CGL, IBPS, MBA, CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI And Railway, Indian Army And all competitive Exams.


Rajasthan GK Question For Rajasthan Police SI

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Question.(1) Which is the hardest thing

‘सबसे कठोरतम पदार्थ कौन सा है?

Answer— Diamond

Question.(2) ‘Who Dynamite invented

डायनामाईट का आविष्कार किसने किया?

Answer— अल्फ्रेड नोबल (Alfred Nobel)

Question.(3)Which musical instrument is related to Bismillah Khan

‘बिस्मिल्ला खान का संबंध किस वाद्ययंत्र से है?

Answer— शहनाई (the clarinet)

Question.(4) which area is Oscar award related to?

‘ऑस्कर पुरस्कार का संबंध किस क्षेत्र से है ?

Answer— film

Question.(5) ‘What will be the full extension of AIDS

AIDS का पूर्ण विस्तार क्या होगा?

Answer— अक्वायर्ड इम्यूनो डेफिशियेंसी सिंड्रोम (Accurated Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)

Question.(6) Which General had ordered the firing at Jallianwala Bagh‘

‘जलियाँवाला बाग में गोलीबारी का आदेश किस जनरल ने दिया था?

Answer— माइकल ओ डायर (Michael O’Dwyer)

Question.(7) What was the ancient name of Patna

‘पटना का प्राचीन नाम क्या था?

Answer— पाटलिपुत्र (Patliputra)

Question.(8) ‘’Harappa’s civilization is related to which era

हड़प्पा की सभ्यता किस युग से सम्बन्धित है?

Answer— कांस्य युग (bronze Age)

Question.(9) ‘Which Mughal ruler dal-e-Elahi was driven by religion

“दीन-ए-इलाही” धर्म किस मुगल शासक ने चलाया था?

Answer— अकबर (Akbar)

Question (10) How many colors are there in the rainbow

इन्द्रधनुष में कितने रंग होते हैं?

Answer— 7


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