2nd grade Teacher Answer key 2017 Paper-II Subject-Social Science 02-07-2017

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RPSC-2nd grade-Answer-Key

2nd Grade Teacher answer key 02-07-2017 2nd Paper-II Social Science: Rajasthan Public Service Commission is going to conduct the Paper-II Subject-Social Science on 02-07-2017 And  RPSC  has been successfully organized the 2nd Grade Teacher Written Examination for Paper-II Subject-Social Science on 02-07-2017  And At various examination center in Rajasthan.


Name of Exam = 2nd Grade Exam Paper-II Subject-Social Science

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Date of Exam = 02-07-2017 

Question.1. Indian Prime  Minister Narendra Modi  Which Country United Nations Vesak?

Answer – (4) Sri Lanka

Question.2.Clearly, Define The Terme Globalization?

Answer –(3) The Continuous movements of people

Question.3. J/K Enjoy a Special Article 370

Answer-(4) (1) And (4)

Question.5. municipalities Are the Constitution?

Answer – (1) Article 243 V

Question.6. History Of caste in India?

Answer – (2) S.V. Ketkar

Question.7. Are characteristics not true about social class?

Answer – (4) Ascribed status

Question .8. Mentioned by David Elesh?

Answer – (1)Social Relations

Question. 9. Whom morale is the capacity of a group of people Persistently?

Answer – (3) Alexander Leighton

Question.10. Wherever there is life there is society?

Answer – (3) R.M. Maclver and C.H. Page

Question.11. Robert k. Merton has defined

Answer –  (3) Status set

Question .12. Vishakha And others V/s State of Rajasthan

Answer – (4) Prevention Of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.

Question.13. According to Herzberg?

Answer – (3) Work itself

Question.14. Match List -1 with list – 2 and select the correct Answer

Answer – (4)Codes  (5) ,(2) , (1) , (3)

Question .15. Kant is not associated with?

Answer – (2) Goodwill

Question.16. Gita the Karma- Yoga stand for

Answer – (4) Detached performance of act

Question.17.participation in administration include

Answer – (3) Codes (1) ,(2) ,(3), (4)

Question.18. Buddhist Eightfold path leading to cessation

Answer – (3) the stage succeeding right speech and proceeding right livelihood.

Question. 19.Knowledge concerning human relationships for the purpose

Answer – (4) Barretal

Question.20. Curriculum embodies all the experiences

Answer – (1) T.P. Nunn

Question.21.The principles of curriculum construction, except

Answer – (1) Conservatism

Question.22.B.S.Bloom classified cognitive domain

Answer – (4)Six

Question.23.Krishna motivated Arjuna to  fight war is a form of violence

Answer – (3) Non- violence does not mean cowardice and running away from one’s duty

Question.24. Truth is God and God  is truth

Answer – (1) Gandhi

Question.25. Which enables collective creative thinking

Answer – (2) Debate

Question.26. Bloom Taxonomy is hierarchal

Answer – (2) Achievement goals

Question.27.Which type of teaching aid

Answer – (2) Visual aids

Question.28. Included in audio- visual aid

Answer – (3) Tape recorder

Question.29.Good  text – book of social science

Answer – (1) Ambiguous

Question.30. Correlation is found in social science teaching

Answer – (1) 6 types

Question 31. Teaching of Geography for upper primary level

Answer-(3) Field trip

Question 32. Teaching Interesting and Effective

Answer-(4)By using audio-visual aids

Question 33. The quality of a Social Science teacher

Answer-(3) Partiality

Question 34 According to N.C.F.2005

Answer-(3) Develop skills of observation identification and classification.

Question-35 National Curriculum Frame-Work 2005

Answer- Making curriculum textbook centric

Question-36 The President of N.C.F.2005

Answer (2) Prof. Yash Pal

Question-37 The Characteristics of objective type test

Answer-(1) Highly Reliable

Question-38 undertaking a project of social studies

Answer-(1) Providing a situation

Question-39 An opportunity to test students independent thinking

Answer-(1) Essay type test

Question-40 Annual examination categories of evaluation

Answer-(2) Summative

Question 41 The rise of Mahayana sect teak place

Answer (1) Third

Question 42 Provincial Center in Mauryan Empire

Answer-(3) Tosali

Question 43 Kabir, Raidas and Sena Were

Answer-(1) Ramananda

Question 44. Sheikh Hamiduddin Nagori

Answer-(1) Khurasan

Question 45. Mir Sayyad Ali And Abdussamad

Answer-(4) Humayun And Akber

Question 46. The terracotta model of plough

Answer-(1) Banawali

Question 47. Worshiped in the Rigvedic Period

Answer-(1) Phallus

Question 48. Indian National Congress founded

Answer-(1) Lord Dufferin

Question 49. 4th 1776 is considered American History

Answer-(4) American Independence Was Declared

Question 50. The Headquarters Court of Justice

Answer-(4) Hague

Question 51. Non-aligned movement

Answer-(3) Belgrade

Question 52. During Akber Mir Bakshi

Answer-(1) Military Affairs

Question 53. The Cavaliers of Shivaji army

Answer-(3) Bargeer

Question 54.Choose the correct statements

Answer-(4) Only (D)

Question 55. Conrad Discontinuity Separates

Answer-(2) The outer and inner crusts

Question 56.Name of mega ocean surrounded

Answer-(4) Panthalassa

Question57. Greenwich is 6.00AM

Answer-(1) 75East

Question 58.Then Earth Ceases to Rotate

Answer-(4) (A) And (D)

Question 59. Thermally induced pressure

Answer-(4) (A) And (4)

Question 60.Sea Breeze blows

Answer-(2) Sea to land in day

Question 61. The greatest tidal range


Question 62. income is Rs 50,000, and text Rs 2,000

Answer-(1) 46,000

Question 63.The author Psychopathology

Answer-(2) Harold D. Lasswell

Question 64. India provides for ad-hoc judges in supreme court

Answer-(1) Article 127

Question 65.General Election, voting machines (EVMs)

Answer-(66) 2004

Question 66. structure and functions of society

Answer-(2) Social control

Question 67.The author of the book ” Caste in Modern India And Other Essays

Answer-(2) M.N.Srinivas

Question 68.Gandhian ethics, the will fall under

Answer-(2) Impurity of means

Question 69. Categorical imperative

Answer-(2) It is universal

Question 70 Duty for the sake of duty

Answer-(1) Deontological Ethics

Question 71 Aristotle believed that

Answer-(4) Virtues are acquired by practice

Question 72 Jainism liberated person

Answer-(4) Kevali

Question 73. Deterrent theory of punishment was not found

Answer-(3) inflicted fear for crime

Question 74. the Ashokan inscriptions

Answer-(1) Prakrit, Kharoshthi & Aramaic

Question 75.Arjuna was not prepared to Kurukshetra-war

Answer-(2) Nishkama Karmayoga

Question 76. Samudra Gupta Wars

Answer-(3) Seventh

Question 77. The Mountbatten Plan” Related

Answer-(2) June 3, 1947

Question 78.Prerevolutionary France was composed

Answer-(1) First, Second and Third Estate

Question 79. Cause of variations in insolation

Answer-(3) Air-mass and ocean currents

Question 80. Therigatha is part

Answer-(2) Sutta Pitaka

Question 81. Gandhi-Lrwin pact”

Answer-(3) Karachi Session


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