CPO SI And SSC MTS Previous Papers Study Material 08-05-2017

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Rajasthan GK Notes Study Material Topic Wise

SSC MTS And CPO SI And Railway exam, SSC, Delhi police Rajasthan Police SI competitive exam. Related Study material  Date wise 07-05–2017 GK Notes And General knowledge.questions are in Hindi language and cover the most frequently asked questions from history of India, Indian national movement, Indian and world geography, Indian polity, economic and social development, General science, basic numeracy and data interpretation.and general GK for ASM, Goods Guard, ECRC, CA, TA Exam.


Rajasthan Police SI Competitive Exam Related Study material

Question.1. The state of Kerala is known for the promotion of which of the following

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केरल राज्य विश्व भर में निम्न में से किसके संवर्ध्दन के लिए जाना जाता है?

Answer – गरम मसाले (Hot spices)

Question.2. The plant that is grown on the rock is called

चट्टान पर उगने वाले पादप कहलाते है?

Answer – शैलोद्भिद (Celluloid)

Question.3. What is the collection of local vegetation

स्थानीय वनस्पति का संग्रह क्या कहलाता है

Answer – हर्बेरियम (Herbarium)

Question.4. Who has been called the cemetery of Dinosaur

किसे डाइनोसार का कब्रिस्तान कहा गया है?

Answer – मोन्टाना (Montana)

Question.5. Known for the Sanctuary Rhino

अभ्यारण्य राइनो के लिए जाना जाता है?

Answer – कांजीरंगा (Kaziranga)

Question.6. The state-level animal fair in Rajasthan is the highest in the district, is it

राजस्थान में राज्य स्तरीय पशु मेल सबसे से ज्यादा जिस जिले में भरते है, वह है?

Answer – नागौर (Nagaur)

Question.7. Mixed agriculture is involved.

मिश्रित कृषि में सम्मलित है

Answer – कई तरह की फसले उगाना तथा पशुपालन भी करना (To make many kinds of crops and animal husbandry)

Question.8.Manager is famous in Rajasthan

राजस्थान में मेवानगर प्रसिध्द है

Answer – पार्श्वनाथ जैन मंदिर के लिए (For Parsvnath Jain Temple)

Question.9. The terrible famine that has been known from the days of Chanya in Rajasthan, happened

भयंकर अकाल जो राजस्थानी लोगों में छप्पनिया का काल से जाना जाता है, घटित हुआ?

Answer – 1899-1900

Question.10. Moca coffee is grown where it is

मोका कॉफी जहां उगाई जाती है, वह है

Answer – यमन (Yemen)


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