Fraction Shortcut Tricks with type and example

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Maths is very impotent subject in all competitive exam  .It is a scoring subject in all exam and now we will show the basic idea of fraction with type and short tricks .It is very helpful for solve the number of fraction type question  faster and quickly calculation.The main point in maths subject is if you can get best or good score in math subject so only for depend upon practice and practice and no shot trick of practice and without hard work is not possible improve your maths subjects so give the more time for math subject on practice .

What is Fraction and short trick of fraction ?

\frac{a}{b} this is represented by fraction .a is number and b is denominator


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Fraction type.

  1. less then one is  proper fraction

Eg : 4/6 , 6/9

2 . Grater then one is improper fraction.

Eg : 6/4 , 5/4

Now this type question ask in bank SSC and other 10th class, 8th class and other competitive exam


35\frac{2}{3} - 30 \frac{1}{3}+8\frac{3}{4}-5\frac{1}{4}



Now take LCM 3,2 =6



This is a right answer and this fraction is proper fraction

In case Answer in improper fraction so used this trick


 improper fraction that is lower number is lesser than upper number  and now convert in proper fraction

5 divided by 6 and 1\frac{1}{5}

8+ 1\frac{1}{5} =  9\frac{1}{5}     correct answer


Question 2




20/ \frac{3}{4}-\frac{1}{2}+\frac{1}{3}-\frac{2}{3}

20/ \frac{-1}{12}


improper fraction and in case result come in subtraction this is not correct answer

SO apply trick and rule

20* 12-1=239

and 239 divided by 12

So correct answer is

19 \frac{11}{12}











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