General Knowledge Question Related To Indian Geography Set 28

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General Knowledge Question Related To Indian Geography Set 28 And Date Wise 22-09-2017 For All Examinations Which among the following rock system in India is also known as storehouse of minerals And provide the general question relating to the Indian constitution, that will much more and General knowledge questions and answers – for all competitive exams – MBA entrance, bank exams, RRB – Railway Recruitment Board And CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI And Railway, Indian Army , Rajasthan,Delhi Police Related Study material And All competitive Exams.


Indian Geography GK Question for Rajasthan, Delhi Police

Question (1) How many satellites are Uranus?

यूरेनस के कितने उपग्रह हैं?

Answer – 27

Question (2) Who is the outer planet in the solar system?

सौरमण्डल का बाह्यतम ग्रह कौन है?

Answer – नेप्ट्यून

Question (3) Which celestial body is called the ‘Queen of the Night’?

कौन-सा खगोलीय पिण्ड ‘रात की रानी’ कहलाता है?

Answer – Moon

Question (4) Where is the ocean of calm ocean and storms located?

शान्त समुद्र और तूफानों का महासागर कहाँ स्थित है? 

Answer – Moon

Question (5) Where is the off of transitivity?

सी ऑफ ट्रंक्विलिटी कहाँ पर है?

Answer – Moon

Question (6) Which planet radiates green light?

कौन-सा ग्रह हरे प्रकाश को उत्सर्जित करता है? 

Answer – वरुण ग्रह (Varuna Planet)

Question (7) Which planet has the most natural satellite or moon?

कौन-से ग्रह के सर्वाधिक प्राकृतिक उपग्रह अथवा चन्द्र हैं?

Answer – शनि ग्रह (Saturn planet)

Question (8) Which is the largest day in the southern hemisphere?

दक्षिणी गोलार्द्ध में सबसे बड़ा दिन होता है?

Answer – 22 दिसम्बर

Question (9) Name of the planet called the twin sisters of the Earth

पृथ्वी की जुड़वाँ बहन कहे जाने वाले ग्रह का नाम

Answer – शुक्र ग्रह (Venus)

Question (10) Which is magnetic substance found in the center of the Earth?

पृथ्वी के केन्द्र में पाया जाने वाला चुम्बकीय पदार्थ है?

Answer – निकेल

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