General Knowledge Question Related To Indian Geography Set 33

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General Knowledge Question Related To Indian Geography Set 33 And Date Wise 29-09-2017 For All Examinations Which among the following rock system in India is also known as storehouse of minerals And provide the general question relating to the Indian constitution, that will much more and General knowledge questions and answers – for all competitive exams – MBA entrance, bank exams, RRB – Railway Recruitment Board And CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI And Railway, Indian Army , Rajasthan,Delhi Police Related Study material And All competitive Exams.


Indian Geography GK Question for Rajasthan, Delhi Police

Question (1) Which Geyser is located in the Indian state of Bihar?

कौन-सा गीजर भारत के बिहार प्रान्त में स्थित है ?

Answer—- सीताकुण्ड

Question (2) Lapid is the topography related to which region?

लैपीज किस क्षेत्र से सम्बन्धित स्थलाकृति है ?

Answer—-कार्स्ट (Karst)

Question (3) Where does the blind valley get?

अंधी घाटियाँ कहाँ मिलती है ?

Answer—-चुना प्रदेश में

Question (4) Where does the uvula get?

युवाल कहाँ मिलती है ?

Answer—-चूना पत्थर प्रदेश में

Question (5) What process is formed by fierd?

फियोर्ड किस प्रक्रम से निर्मित होता है ?

Answer—-समुद्री तरंग से

Question (6) which country is the Tila Maken Desert located?

तकला माकन मरुभूमि किस देश में स्थित है ?


Question (7)What is sargasso

सारगैसो क्या है ?

Answer—-समुद्री घास (Sea grass)

Question (8) Who is a hot sea stream?

कौन एक गर्म सागरीय धारा है ?

Answer—-पूर्वी आस्ट्रेलियाई धारा (Eastern Australian stream)

Question (9) Where does the world’s highest tide come?

विश्व में सबसे ऊँचा ज्वार कहाँ आता है ?

Answer—-फंडी की खाड़ी (Gulf of Fondi)

Question (10) The Aswan dam is located on which river?

आस्वान बाँध किस नदी पर स्थित है ?

Answer—-  Nile River

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