How to create Custom Page Template in wordpress tutorial

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How create a Custom Page Template in word press : If you are create the wordpress ine wordpress platform or CMS . So may be need to crate a custom page according to client or your requirement in wordpress platform. Now a day maximum website built in wordpress platform. So create a  custom page is common requirement

Why used the Custom Page Template in word press : If you are create the new design or customise the page location according to over requirement so Custom Page Template are used . Custom Page Template you are modified and change according to requirement that is custom page allows you to have create different layout in word press CMS

How to create a Custom Page in word press in easy way step wise :

First Step : create a PHP file like custompage.php

Step 2 : Copy the code in custompage.php

Template Name: CustomPageset        [name of page ]

get_header();            (   function used to call the header content  )

<div>   (Start div)

  start to write the  content in this place 

</div>  (Stop div)


<?php get_sidebar(); ?> (   function used to call the sidebar content  )
<?php get_footer(); ?>   (   function used to call the footer content  )

Step 3 : Login the wordpress admin and check the side bar

Page attribute  – – Template  — and show the CustomPageset name in drop down option

Step 4 : Select the CustomPageset name and create the menu bar

And now show the result.





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