Rajasthan GK Question For Rajasthan Police SI 27-11-2017

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We are giving Important  Questions with answers to General Science asked in many competitive exams. And Daily DateWise 27-11-2017 questions will very helpful to you for the forthcoming upcoming Rajasthan Jail Prahari New Exam Date  And Syllabus 2017. Rajasthan Jail Prahari Re-exam Admit Card 2017 and RAS, IAS, UPSC, RPSC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Teacher, REET CTET, LDC, SSC CGL, IBPS, MBA, CAT, MAT, SBI-PO, RBI And Railway, Indian Army , Rajasthan,Delhi Police Related Study material  And All  competitive exams and will increase your intelligence skills.


Rajasthan GK Question For Rajasthan Police SI And all competitive Exams

Question.(1) What is a deity?

कौन-सा एक देवनृत्य है?

Answer – कुचिपुड़ी (Kuchipudi)

Question.(2) Which of the dance genres is from eastern India?

 नृत्य शैलियों में से किसका उद्गम पूर्वी भारत से है?

Answer – मणिपुरी (Manipuri)

Question.(3) The area of Aching Maharaj?

अच्छन महाराज का क्षेत्र है?

Answer – नृत्य (Dance)

Question.(4) What type of dance form is famous for the Bimbavati Devi?

बिम्बावती देवी किस प्रकार के नृत्य के लिए सुविख्यात हैं?

Answer – मणिपुरी (Manipuri)

Question.(5) Rangoli ‘is the main folk art form of which Indian state?

‘रंगोली’ भारत के किस क्षेत्र की प्रमुख लोक कला शैली है ?

Answer – महाराष्ट्र (Maharashtra)

Question.(6) Prison is related to religious folk dance?

 कारागार धार्मिक लोकनृत्य सम्बन्धित है?

Answer – तमिलनाडु से (Tamil Nadu)

Question.(7) Which dance is the Bandari dance held in Bastar?

बस्तर में डण्डारी नृत्य किस त्योहार पर आयोजित होता है?

Answer – होली (Holi)

Question.(8) What is the name of the famous dance of Shekhawati?

शेखावटी के प्रसिद्ध नृत्य का क्या नाम है?

Answer – गीदड़

Question.(9) What is the war dance?

युद्ध संबंधी नृत्य कौन-सा है?

Answer – मेघालय का बम्बू नृत्य (Bamboo dance of Meghalaya)

Question.(10) Ikebana Whose Japanese form?

इकेबाना किसका जापानी रूप है?

Answer – फूलों की सजावट का (Floral decoration)

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