Rajasthan GK Question For High Court LDC Exams 16-07-2017 Set 1

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Rajasthan GK Question For High Court LDC Exams 16-07-2017 Set 1 and Topic Wise Categorized Question Paper Solved and Which category of Rajasthani literature is related to story or narrative genre And Solved UPSC Political Science Questions and Answers Political Science Questions, Answers IAS political science And Rajasthan GK (General Knowledge) MCQ Objective Questions on History, Culture, Geography, Environment and Polity of Rajasthan for RPSC and other states.


High Court LDC Exam, SSC MTS, Rajasthan Police Related Study Material

Question (1) Which is the longest canal in Uttar Pradesh

उत्तर प्रदेश की सबसे लम्बी नहर कौन-सी है?

Answer → शारदा नहर (Sharda canal)

Question (2) Which is the largest planet

सबसे बड़ा ग्रह कौन-सा है?

Answer → बृहस्पति ग्रह (Jupiter Planet)

Question (3) ‘Where are the ‘Penguin’ birds found

पेंगुइन’ चिड़िया कहाँ पाई जाती है?

Answer → अंटार्कटिका (Antarctica)

Question (4) What is the oldest mountain in India

भारत का प्राचीनतम पर्वत कौन-सा है?

Answer → अरावली पर्वतमाला (Aravali Ranges)

Question (5) Where did the British set up their first factory in India

अंग्रेजों ने भारत में अपनी प्रथम फैक्ट्री कहाँ पर स्थापित की थी?

Answer → सूरत

Question (6) Who installed Amritsar in Punjab

पंजाब में अमृतसर नगर को किसने स्थापित किया था?

Answer → Guru Ram Das

Question (7) The first railway line in India was built between which two cities

भारत में प्रथम रेल लाइन का निर्माण किन दो शहरों के बीच हुआ था?

Answer → Between Mumbai and Thane

Question (8) Which state is most developed in sugar industry

चीनी उद्योग सबसे अधिक किस राज्य में विकसित है?

Answer → Uttar Pradesh

Question (9) which one is ‘Satara’ famous

किस एक के लिए ‘सतारा’ प्रसिद्ध है?

Answer → ऊष्मा विद्युत संयंत्र

Question (10)Where are the people of Sahariya ‘tribe

‘सहरिया’ जनजाति के लोग कहाँ के निवासी हैं?

Answer →Madhya Pradesh



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