Rajasthan Jail Prahari Re-Exam Related GK Question 13-09-2017

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Important Gk Question

General knowledge questions are in Hindi language and cover the most frequently asked questions from history of India, Indian national movement, Indian and world geography, Indian polity, economic and social development, General science, basic Numeracy and data interpretation.and gk questions are also very important for SSC CGL, Bank PO, IBPS, LIC, RPSC Rajasthan/Delhi Police. Goods Guard, ECRC, CA, TA Exam. And list Question with Answer for Railway exam.


Rajasthan GK Question For Rajasthan Police SI

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Question (1). Where is the birth of Gautama Buddha

गौतम बुद्ध का जन्म कहाँ हुआ?

Answer – म्बिनी जो नेपाल में है

Question (2).Which Tirthankar were Lord Mahavir Jainism

भगवान महाबीर जैन धर्म के कौनसे तीर्थंकर थे ?

Answer –  24वें

Question (3). Who is the first woman president of India

भारत की पहली महिला राष्ट्रपति कौन है?

Answer – प्रतिभा पाटिल (Pratibha Patil)

Question (4). Katak is situated on which river

कटक किस नदी पर बसा है?

Answer –  महानदी (Mahanadi)

Question (5). How many letters are there in binary language

बाइनरी भाषा में कितने अक्षर होते हैं?

Answer –  2

Question (6). What will be the expansion of LAN

LAN का विस्तार क्या होगा?

Answer –  Local Area Network

Question (7). Where was the death of Gautama Buddha

गौतम बुद्ध की मृत्यु कहाँ हुई थी?

Answer – कुशीनगर में (Kushinagar)

Question (8). When did Goa become free from Portuguese rule

गोवा पुर्तगाली शासन से कब आजाद हुआ ?

Answer – 1961

Question (9). When did the regulating act begin

रेगुलेटिंग एक्ट कब लागु हुआ?

Answer –  1773 में

Question (10). After the revolution of 1857, where did the British capture the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar?

1857 की क्रांति के बाद अंग्रेजों ने मुगल बादशाह बहादुरशाह जफ़र को कैद करके कहाँ भेजा?

Answer – Myanmar (Burma)

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