Rajasthan Jail Prahari Re-Exam Related GK Question 15-08-2017

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Rajasthan-Jail-Prahari exam

Rajasthan Jail Prahari New Exam Date 2017. Rajasthan Jail Prahari Re exam Admit Card And Syllabus 2017 and Download Exam Pattern and Related Important Question and Topic Wise Categorized Question Paper Solved and Which category of Rajasthani literature is related to story or narrative genre And Solved UPSC Political Science Questions and Answers Political Science Questions, Answers IAS political science And Rajasthan GK (General Knowledge) MCQ Objective Questions on History, Culture, Geography, Environment and Polity of Rajasthan for RPSC and other states


Rajasthan GK Question For Rajasthan Police SI

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Question (1)  Where is the authentic time of India fixed from

भारत का प्रामाणिक समय किस स्थान से निश्चित किया जाता है?

Answer → Allahabad

Question (2)  Which place has the authentic time and local time almost the same

किस स्थान का प्रामाणिक समय एवं स्थानीय समय लगभग एक समान है?

Answer → नैनी (Naini)

Question (3)  Which incident does not occur on the ground

कौन-सी घटना धरातल पर नहीं घटती है?

Answer → सुनामी (Tsunami)

Question (4)  What does the word ‘monsoon’ mean

‘मानसून’ शब्द का क्या तात्पर्य है?

Answer → हवाओं के रूख का बदलना (Changing the attitude of winds)

Question (5)  Which continent is known as ‘White continent’

किस महाद्वीप को ‘श्वेत महाद्वीप’ के नाम से जाना जाता है?

Answer → अंटार्कटिका (Antarctica)

Question (6)  Which river is said in the name of ‘Padma’ in Bangladesh

बांग्लादेश में किस नदी को ‘पद्मा’ के नाम से पुकारा जाता है?

Answer → Ganges

Question (7)  With which country is the longest land border in India

भारत की सबसे लम्बी स्थलीय सीमा किस देश के साथ में है?

Answer → Bangladesh

Question (8)  Which one is famous for breaking and repairing of ships in Gujarat

कौन-सा एक पत्तन गुजरात में पोत के तोड़ने एवं मरम्मत हेतु प्रसिद्ध है?

Answer → पाटन (Paatan)

Question (9)  Koderma is famous for which mineral and which state is located

कोडरमा किस खनिज के लिए प्रसिद्ध है तथा किस राज्य में स्थित है?

Answer → अभ्रक – झारखण्ड (Asbestos – Jharkhand)

Question (10)  Which state does not get border from Bangladesh

किस राज्य की सीमा बांग्लादेश से नहीं मिलती

Answer → मणिपुर (Manipur)

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