Rajasthan Patwari main exam Answer Key 24 December 2016 download Saturday

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Download Rajasthan Patwari main Answer Key 24 December 2016 Saturday and expected cutoff Check Rajasthan Patwari Main Exam All Sets wise and Series wise Paper Answer Key  A,  B,  C,  D- Code  Paper Solution. RSMSSB Rajasthan Patwari Mains Answer key 2016 exam held on Saturday 24 December 2016 downloads set wise.


RSMSSB ( Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board ) conducted Patwari main exam on 24 December 2016  for  Patwari in Rajasthan state.The  Patwari main exam will organize across different- different regions wise in various exam centers in Rajasthan. We will giving you the full details of the Rajasthan patwari answer key 24 December 2016.

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Name of the post Exam : Rajasthan Patwari Bharti exam

Date of Exam : 24 December 2016

Rajasthan Patwari  Exam topics : Math , Hindi and General Knowledge GK, General  science

Answer Key of Rajasthan Patwari main: Upload after evening time

rajasthan-patwari-answer-key 24 December 2016

Expected cutoff Rajasthan Patwari main exam 2016 update


Q 1 The contents of information are stored in ?

Ans  memory data register

Q 2 Correct full form of BCD

Ans Binary coded decimal

Q 3 Main storage is called ?

Ans  Memory

Q 4 The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured is


Q 5  What does CD ROM Stand For?

Ans Compact disk read only memory

Q 6  Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?

Ans Dynamic RAM

Q 7 Hard disk is coated in both sides with?

Ans Magnetic metallic oxide

Q 8 Which of the following storage device can storage largest amount of data?

Ans Hard disks

Q 9 Cash momory acts between ?

Ans CPU and RAM

Q 10 What is compiler?

Ans Convert high level language to machine level language

Q 11 Following function provides a list of other words that those who are actually or nearly the same meaning ?

Ans Synonyms ( short key shift + f7 )

Q 12 A digital signature is ?

Ans An authentication of an electronic record by tying it uniquely to a key only sender knows


Q 12 How do you select an entire column?

Ans  Click the column heading

Q 13 Comments put in cells are called :

Ans Cell Tips

Q 14 To create a formula you first? :

Ans Type the equal sign in excel

Q 15  You can Use format painter multiple times before you turn it off by ?

Double clicking the format painter button

Q  16 —– is the term given to the practice of illegally downloading movie from a website?

Ans Piracy

Q 17  The original ASCII code used —- Bits of each byte reserving that last bit for error checking?

Ans 7

Q  18  To auto fit the width of column in excel sheet?

Ans   Double Click the column header

Q 19  Which can use for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

Ans Tools bar

Q 20  Which of the following is not valid version of MS office?

Ans Office Manager

Q 21  Fortran a programming language full form of  Fortran language?

Ans Formula  Translation  ( For = formula and tran=  translation )

Q 22 What is GUI ful form

Ans Graphical user interface

Q 23  Following entity does not belong to word processing?

Ans Cells


Q  In terms of length within Rajasthan territory the national high way

NH No 3-114-79-89

Q  Major lignite coal producting field of rajastha are located in

Palana ,Sonu and kapurdi

Q  The repetitive democracy introduced at the village level is through


Q  The history of Indian constitution the most controversial amendment in the constitution was

42nd amendment

Q  Which constitutional amendment in the India made primary education is a fundamental right


Q  Shrimati vasundhara raje remained chief minister of rajasthan first time duration


Q  During which prajamandal movement did the kangad kandh take place

Bikaner prajamandal

Q  What was annual income of matsy sangh during the process of unification of Rajasthan

184 rupee

Q  “The English have gone back on their words did they not occupy awadh ” who said

Muhammad ali beg

Q Acharya tulsi Start (Anuvrat – Andolan)

1949 AD

Q  When was the Riyasati vibhag established?

5 july 1947 AD

Q What is the Mughdhana in the culture of rajasthan

Ans The sticks which are used to cook food which brought after the worship of God Vinayaka

Q who established the library pustak prakash in the jodhpur fort

Ans Man singh

Q Gubbara, nusarat, nagpali, Gazak are name of which

The name of the prevalent regional sweets in mewar

Q Who discovered the prehistorical painting in Alaniya in rajasthan

Ans V,S Vakanker

Q In Marwar there was a tradition of granting siropav for bravery literature service the highest siropav was

Hathi Siropav

Q Which province of rajasthan was called eight wonders of the world by jawahar lal Nehru

  1. ) Jaisalmer 2) bikaner 3)  kota 4)  jhalawar

Q Who said the mughal emperor for half their victories were graceful to the rathore s and their one lakh swords

1 ) Col tod ,  2) A.I Bhasham ,  3) Mc Millan , 4)  Alfiston

Q The emperor had made the rana of mewar subordinate to him through negotiations not through

  1. Col Tod , 2) Dr Beniprasad 3)  Sir thomas Roe 4) Sir J N Sarkar

Q In rajasthan in whom is the Underiya panth prevalent

a) In the Garasiyas , b) In the Bhils , C) In the Meenas , D) Tn the Sahriyas

Q Which achitechural style of temple architechure bhumis style is sub style of

Nagar style

Q The Twenty one point demand charter called mewar pukar was related to whom ?

Motilal Tejawat

Q Large Earthen pots called Gore and Koth and meant to store grain have been found in which ancient civilization





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