Simple Calendar code script download Using HTML JavaScript PHP

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Simple Calendar date Picker code script download Using HTML JavaScript PHP Picker used in responsive templates
javascript calendar free code with Example Source Code


Date Picker Calendar code script mostly implement in all website blog, e-commerce, personal websites , education website
Mainly calendars layout implement in announcements system , up-coming events system, contest date time, shopping time.
track older day, date of order, expire date, event management, online hotel book room book and online web portal
Calendar code script used.

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The Functionality  of Calendar code script.

Date month year show in Calendar click on the input box
Pick up date on click the date
Calendar date Picker code script easy used in responsive templates
you can also change the date format
Just call the id and implement the Calendar script





If you can show the calendar more than one time so implement this code

<input class=”form-control” id=”calendar_datePicker” type=”text”>

<input class=”form-control” id=”calendar_datePicker1″ type=”text”>

Just change the id name ( id = “calendar_datePicker1” )



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