The Order of Arrival of European Companies In India

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The Order of Arrival of European Companies In India

Hello Friends, today we tell you that you have a simple Important Trick sequentially before the arrival of European companies in India and India will be able to remember the order of the arrival of European companies (respectively) Trick – {son} Ada dad stuck son Portuguese (1498) A- Englishman (1600) Da-Dutch (1602) Dad- Dennis (1616) and the Indian ocean at the end of the 15th century was the discovery of paths followed by Europeans began to come to India. Although European country other than their places also managed to colonize India was the main attraction on many of these.and  this topice always useful for RAS,IAS,1st.2nd,3rd grad teacher, and gramsevk,patwar,rajasthan police SI, RRB And all Railway exams and other all Competitive Examination..


भारत में युरोपीय कंपनियो के आगमन का क्रम

Trick – {पुत्र अडा डैड फसा}

पुत्र – पुर्तगाली (Portuguese)(1498)

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अ – अंग्रेज (Englishman)(1600)

डा – डच (Dutch)(1602)

डैड – डैनिस (Dennis)(1616)

फ – फ्रांसीसी (French) (1664)

सा – स्वीडिश (Swedish)(1731)

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