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Calculate Square with short trick and with example : Calculate Square are very important in any competitive exams and this is very common topic and related to Calculate Square related question put in all maximum competitive exam this type questions are very time consuming in exam . Square related Calculation also used in numerical  potion in physics chemistry and other numerical related question.  Square related  question ask in bank SSC CGL and other exams

How to calculate square with short trick with example ?

We are display the 2 method for calculate square with short trick and we discuses the very impotent point with all students that without practice it is not possible so this trick remember it only on practice

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Method 1

 217^{2} = ( 200+17)^{2}

in case we are used the formula for ( a)^{2}+( b)^{2}+2ab




Step 1   convert the value in 2 parts

Step 2 apply and formula square of ( a+b)^{2}

Method 2

( 217)^{2}= 2(217+17)/289

=   47089

2(217+17)= 468+2= 470


Step 1 : in question convert the value in 2 parts and write the multiply the 2 and 217 add 17

17 add according to last number and multiply also according to first digits in this question is 2

Step 2 : after / slash write square of last number in this question


Step 3: write the last number 89 and 2 is carry

Step 4 :so calculate 2(217+17)= 468+2= 470

Ans is =   47089


Mock Test

  1. 114
  2. 214
  3. 215
  4. 117







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