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General Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams like RAS, IAS, UPSC, RPSC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Teacher, REET Rajasthan Police Delhi, CTET, LDC, SSC CGL, IBPS, MBA, CAT, MAT, SBI-PO Railways or solved MCQs with answers. and These quiz objective questions are helpful for competitive exams SSC, History, and Important EBooks for Competitive Exams and  All subject Wise Notes and Math, Hindi, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit Related Study material.


General Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

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Question.(1) How long does the mercury Planet take for a round of the sun?

बुध ग्रह सूर्य का एक चक्कर लगाने में कितना समय लेता है

Answer –  88 day

Question.(2) Which planet is the most distant from the Sun?

सूर्य से सबसे दूर कौन-सा ग्रह है

Answer –  वरुण  (Varun)

Question.(3) Which planets with no satellites?

कौन-से ग्रह जिनके उपग्रह नहीं हैं

Answer –   बुध व शुक्र  (Mercury and Venus)

Question.(4) Which planet takes the sun’s rotation in the shortest possible time?

कौन-सा ग्रह सूर्य का चक्कर सबसे कम समय में लगाता है

Answer –  बुध  (Mercury)

Question.(5) Which planet is called the sister of the earth?

किस ग्रह को पृथ्वी की बहन कहा जाता है

Answer –  शुक्र  (Venus)

Question.(6) Which planet do the creatures live?

किस ग्रह पर जीव रहते हैं

Answer –   पृथ्वी  (earth)

Question.(7) Who is the satellite of the earth?

पृथ्वी का उपग्रह कौन है

Answer –  चंद्रमा  (Moon)

Question.(8) How long does the earth take a whirl on its axis?

पृथ्वी अपने अक्ष पर एक चक्कर कितने दिन में लगाती है

Answer –  365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds

Question.(9) What is the earth called a blue planet?

पृथ्वी को नीला ग्रह क्यो कहा जाता है

Answer –   जल की उपस्थिति के कारण  (Due to the presence of water)

Question.(10) Which satellite is called a fossil planet?

किस उपग्रह को जीवाश्म ग्रह कहा जाता है

Answer –  चंद्रमा (Moon)

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