Rajasthan Postman Mail Guard Exam Answer Key 23-1-2017

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Check Rajasthan Postman Mail Guard Exam Answer Key 23-1-2017 Sunday.  Set wise and exam code wise check Rajasthan Postman Mail Guard Exam Answer Key 2017, Rajasthan Postman Mail Guard Exam Postal Circle Prelims Answer Key check. Rajasthan Post Office Answer Key 23-1-2017 Sunday Release and upload check Postman Mail Guard Exam Answer key question wise list.




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Question.1  31,29,24,22,17

Answer –  15

Question.2 ‘’Hopman Cup’’ is related

Answer –  Lawn Tennis

Question.3 India’ s First Aadhaar enabled ATM Has Been Launched

Answer –  DCB Bank

Question.4 The common refrigerant used in domestic refrigerator is

Answer –  Hydrofluorocarbons

Question.5 Substances or chemicals is Obtained From Plants?

Answer – Qunine

Question.6 The Sarkaria Commission Was Appointed

Answer –

Question.7 A cause of Inflation is

Answer –   Increase In Money Supply And Fall In Production

Question.8 A Judge of Supreme Court Of India

Answer –   President On a resolution by parliament

Question.9  All Money bills related to the union budget passed within how many days?

Answer –   75 days

Question.10 the Public service commission in India for the first time

Answer –

Question.11 The first session of the Indian National Congress in 1885?

Answer –   72

Question.12 Lipulekh Pass Is in which State?

Answer –    Uttarakhand

Question.13  The Sankonsh   river forms boundary between

Answer –  Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Question.14  2,3,4,9,8,27,16,81,32,243,64 —-?

Answer –   729

Question.15 Chaitra: Vaishakh:: January:?

Answer –

Question.16 Density Of Water is maximum At —C temperature

Answer –  4

Question.17 Which of the Following Is Correct ?

Answer –  Jawahar Rojgar Yojana – 1989

Question.18 Powers of the Union of India are Vested

Answer –   President

Question.19 All India congress Committee At a session

Answer –  Mumbai

Question.20 Following is not Correctly Matched?

Answer –   Partition Of Bengal –1900

Question.21 Harshacharita Was Written by

Answer –   Banabhatta

Question.22 Buddha taught his first message at?

Answer – Sarnath

Question.23 Capital of Magadha was shifted from

Answer –    Rajagriha

Question.24 River Son is a tributary of river

Answer –   Ganga

Question.25 ELFA, GLHA, ILJA,…..MLNA

Answer –  KLLA

Question.26 A Man buys number of 20 for RS 60 and equal number at 30 for RS 60

Answer –   *

Question.27 If the Cost price of 10 articles is price of 9 article

Answer –  11/1.9%

Question.28 The Price of an article Was first increased by 10% and  increased 33

Answer –  25

Question.29 In an Examination of a Candidate must secure 40% Marks  gets 220 Marks

Answer –  600

Question.30 The ratio of numbers of boys and girls  school with 504 students 13:11

Answer – 91:81

Question.31 when a particular number 7,9,11,and 15 Proportion

Answer –   3

Question.32 The group of 20 boys was calculated to be 89.4 kg and 78 Kg instead 87 kg

Answer –   89.85 Kg

Question.33 The average the first 4 days of week 37’ C

Answer –   39 ‘C

Question.34  Find The number divides 411,684,821,and leaves 3,4,and 5

Answer –   136

Question.35  The HCF and LCM of two numbers 8, divided47 ?and 48

Answer –   16

Question.36  A tin of oil 4/5 taken out and 4 bottles ¾

Answer –  *

Question.37 When a number divided 893 remaindivided47?

Answer –  5

Question.38 If total income 2015 was 1,35,000 Savings family 2015

Answer –   16,875

Question.39 The Percent of  income spent on  clothing

Answer –  *

Question.40  Wheel is 1.75 m. find 11km

Answer –  *

Question.41 The  difference between 23 M. if perimeter is 206

Answer –  *

Question.42 A, B, and C  A invested 6500 for 6 months B invest 8400 and C 10,000

Answer –   2660

Question.43 A and B a partnership investing 20,000 and 15,000 After C joined 20,000

Answer –   7500

Question.44 Aand B ratio of 3:4 A takes 30 minutes

Answer –   1/1.2 Hours

Question.45 Walking at 3/4  usual speed 1/1.2

Answer –   *

Question.46 Three men can complete a work 6 days the work 3

Answer –  4 Days

Question.47  A and B can  complete a piece of work 12 and 18 days

Answer –  14/1.3 Days

Question.48  A sum was had it been put 3% higher rate 72 more.

Answer –   1200

Question.49 The simple sum after 4 years is 1/5 sum

Answer –   5%


Name of Organization: Rajasthan Post Office Examination

Name of exam: Postman/Mail Guard Prelims

Name of The Posts and exam: Postman/Mail Guard

Date of exam: 23-1-2017 Sunday

Check Answer Key:  Rajasthan Postman Mail Guard Exam Answer Key 23-1-2017 Sunday

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