Reasoning Question With Answer For Delhi Police And SSC, Banking Set 11

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Reasoning Question With Answer

Reasoning Related Most Question With Answer  Set11 Current Affairs, Aptitude And  Join the best Online Test Series & get all India Rank, Logical Reasoning. Logical Problems · Number Series · Verbal Reasoning and Date Wise 30-06-2017 Question & Answer with solution & Formulas in Hindi & English And Important  Questions with answers of Numerical Ability asked in  Gramin Bank Office Assistant Exam And These all questions will very helpful to you for the forthcoming Bank exams, SSC CPO SI Delhi Police and Rajasthan Police and All Competitive Examination


Reasoning -Most Question & Answer with solution in Hindi & English

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Question (1) What is the least number to be added to 6363 to make it a perfect square?

(A) 37 (B) 122 (C) 42 (D) 117 (E) None of these

Answer– (A) 37

Question (2)  Which of the following fractions is the lowest?

(A) 3/7 (B) 5/9 (C) 6/11 (D) 9/13 (E) 11/15

Answer– (A) 3/7

Question (3) What compound interest will be obtained on an amount of Rs. 2,500 at the rate of 12 p.c.p.a. in 2 years?

(A) Rs. 550 (B) Rs. 608 (C) Rs. 596 (D) Rs. 636 (E) None of these

Answer– (D) Rs. 636

Question (4) What is 214 times 286?

(A) 63404 (B) 61204 (C) 60104 (D) 62204 (E) None of these

Answer– (B) 61204

Question (5). If 575 pens are distributed equally amongst 25 persons. How many pens would each person get?

(A) 22 (B) 24 (C) 26 (D) 28 (E) None of these

Answer– (E) None of these

Question (6) If (12)3 is added to the square of a number, the answer so obtained is 3409. What is the number?

(A) 41 (B) 1681 (C) 43 (D) 1849 (E) None of these

Answer– (A) 41)

Question (7)  In a unit test Disha scores a total of 996 marks out of 1275. What is her approximate percentage in the unit test?

(A) 61 (B) 89 (C) 67 (D) 75 (E) 78

Answer– (E) 78

Question (8)  The difference between 78% of a number and 56% of the same number is 429. What is 66% of that number?

(A) 1267 (B) 1326 (C) 1248 (D) 1306 (E) None of these

Answer– (E) None of these

Question (9)  Vanisha invests Rs. 1,969, which is 22% of her monthly income, in recurring deposits. What is her monthly income?

(A) Rs. 8,950 (B) Rs. 7,850 (C) Rs. 9,150 (D) Rs. 6,750 (E) None of these

Answer– (A) Rs. 8,950

Question (10) A bus covers a distance of 624 km in 780 minutes. What is the average speed of the bus in km/hr?

(A) 44 km/hr (B) 48 km/hr (C) 52 km/hr (D) Cannot be determined (E) None of these

Answer– (B) 48 km/hr

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