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We are display the Short trick and Tips for Physics topic and easily to learn physics notes and study material

Short Trick and details of  White light color spectrum : Mixture of 7 seven light is and visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and IT is visible to the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light and create the 7 seven light Violet , Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

Process is Spectrum of White Light :  white light passes through a transparent medium (like air) into another (like glass) (in the 17th century, Isaac Newton discovered)

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Short Trick of colors of the Spectrum of White Light ” VIBGYOR “

Short trick is ” VIBGYOR” and  ” बैनीआहपीनाला  ”

V- Violet  ( बैंगनी )
I- Indigo
B- Blue  ( नीला )
G- Green
Y- Yellow
O- Orange

R- Red

Short trick is ” VIBGYOR” and  ” बैनीआहपीनाला  “

बै:  बैंगनी (Violet   )
नी- नीला (Blue)
आ- आसमानी
ह- हरा (Green)
पी- पीला
ना- नारंगी

ला- लाल (Red)




Short trick of Electromagnetic Spectrum in Order and with discovered By

Short trick of Spectrum – Raju and Mohan Is Visiting Umesh X – Girl friend Home

R : Radio   (Discovered  Heinrich Hertz. in  1880 and   Radio  wave  frequency 104 and 1011 or 1012 Hz, used long-distance communication.)
M : Microwaves (Microwaves discovered by Percy Spencer)
I :  Infrared (Infrared discovered by  Frederick William Herschel)
V :  Visible (discovered visible light Isaac Newton)
U : Ultraviolet (who discovered Ultraviolet Johann Ritter)
X : X-Rays (discovered x-rays Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen)

G : Gamma Rays (discovered Gamma Rays Paul Villard)

Electromagnetic-Spectrum-short trick
Electromagnetic-Spectrum-short trick


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