Reasoning Questions With Answers For All Competitive Exams 29-01-2019

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Blood relation questions in Hindi

Reasoning is an important subject which is mostly asked in all the examinations. Bihar forest guard study material Bihar Police Forest Guard Previous Papers with Answers IQ Test, IQ test puzzles, Check IQ for employ, Check IQ for kids, Interview IQ Test, Company IQ Test, MBA IQ Test, CAT Syllogism Puzzles Venn Diagram intelligence Reasoning in Hindi and English means rationality, thought.Daily Science Notes G.K Notes Updates (29-01-2019) for RAS IAS, SSC GD CGL Clerk UPSC Indian History GK 1st Grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade REET, Teacher, B.Ed, RSMSSB .


Important daily GK notes updates 29-01-2019 and Reasoning Blood relation questions is very important topic to be asked in All Banking Examinations such as Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, SSC,SSC CGL,IB Exams 2019 and other competitive examinations. In this topic, an input is given and some steps are given to complete that input.

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if you practice more or more these questions then you will be able to Blood relation questions in Hindi are very useful for those who appeared in Hindi medium for bank PO and SSC CGL exams. Blood relation questions in Hindi asked in many competitive exams and this topic is very important and 1-2 questions asked in exams.Practice blood relation questions with answers for better results in banking and SSC exams. Let’s try to solve blood relation questions in Hindi. You can visit here to learn rules with solutions and examples by provided blood relation questions in Hindi to solve these questions. asked generally in SSC, Bank Exam and other competitive exams. So, students should practice these profit and Loss questions and answers to get a good score in SSC, SSC CGL,BANK CLARK, Bank PO, Railway, IB Exams 2019,and other competitive exams, then obviously you need to practice reasoning section. So, here I am sharing selective direction questions in Hindi for your preparation of exam.

Blood relation questions in Hindi are very useful for All competitive exams (29-01-2019)part (1)

Question(1).A is the mother of B, C is the son of D, D is the brother of E, E is the daughter of B. B is F’s brother, then D’s grandmother?

A, B की माँ है, C,A का बेटा है D, E का भाई है, E, B की बेटी है | B , F का भाई है, तो D की दादी है?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) E

Question(2).E is the sister of B, A is the father of C, B is the son of C, so what is the relation of E to E?

E, B की बहिन है, A, C का पिता है B, C का पुत्र है तो A का E का क्या सम्बन्ध है?

(A) दादा

(B) पोती

(C) पिता

(D) पडदादा

Question(3).A is the son of B, B and C are sisters. E is the mother of C, if D is the son of E, then what is the correct statement from the underwriter?

A, B का पुत्र है, B और C बहिने है| E, C की माता है, यदि D, E का पुत्र है तो निन्मलिखित में से कोनसा कथन सही है?

(A) D, A का मामा है

(B) E, B का भाई है

(C) D, A का ममेरा भाई है

(D) B और D भाई है

Question(4).Pointing to a picture, Rama says, his sister is the mother of my brother Yogesh, so how is Ram related to Yogesh?

एक तस्वीर की और इशारा करते हुए राम कहता है, उसकी बहिन मेरे भाई के पुत्र योगेश की माता है, तो राम योगेश से कैसे सम्बंधित है?

(A) भाई

(B) चाचा

(C) भतीजा

(D) साला

Question(5).Pointing to the picture of a girl, yuvraj said, his mother’s brother is the son of my mother’s father, tell me what is the relation of the girl’s mother to yuvraj?

एक लड़की की तस्वीर की ओर इंगित करते हुए युवराज ने कहा, उसकी माँ का भाई मेरी माँ के पिता का इकलोता पुत्र है, बताए की लड़की की माँ का युवराज से क्या सम्बन्ध है?

(A) माँ

(B) मौसी

(C) माँ / मौसी

(D) इनमे से कोई नहीं

Question(6).P is the brother of Q. R is the mother of Q. S is the father of R. T is the mother of S. Tell me what is P’s relation with T?

P, Q का भाई है| R, Q की माँ है| S, R का पिता है| T, S की माँ है| बताए की P का T के साथ क्या रिश्ता है?

(A) पोती

(B) पडपोता

(C) पोता

(D) दादी

Check: All Answers

Ans .  (A)

Ans .  (A)

Ans .  (A)

Ans .  (B)

Ans .  (C)

Ans .  (B)


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